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Satellite Propulsion

Equipping constellation satellites requires simpler and cheaper propulsion system. This calls for component and sub-system production approach in a non-traditional manner with elements of mass production 

Plasma Simulation Software

SPARC Industries addresses some of the most sophisticated questions in the field of plasma-based technologies with its team and its self-developed, highly specialized software tools. .

Maintenace Service

Our goal is to support our customers as a reliable partner in the field of neutron generators to the best of our ability. This primarily includes optimum technical support in the form of inspection, repair and maintenance

R&D Consultancy

Clients with questions and problems from aerospace, nuclear, and low-pressure plasma industry find in SPARC Industries a conscientious, competent, and loyal business companion.

We use complex methods to achieve a simple goal: satisfied customers.

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SPARC Industries sarl combines three technologies in one company. Supported by the Ministry of Economics of Luxembourg and ESA. Located in Technoport the start up incubator in Luxembourg.

The development of the technologies to market maturity is our premise. Commercialization partners are welcome.

For further information (business plan | presentations) about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can visit us at any time at Technoport.


The chance to shape the world of science in a start-up.
Passion and excitement in innovation and technology is what we expect. You are also highly motivated and efficient in your working methods when you become part of SPARC Industries sarl. Depending on your requirements and objectives - no matter at which level - your career opportunities are very varied. We are a young company with history.

As a committed career starter or graduate, you can take on responsibility from the very beginning and put what you have learned into practice. As a student, you have the opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into SPARC Industries sarl through an internship, a thesis or a doctorate.

The Sparcians

Dejan Petkow

Thorben Meinardus


Sander Rouwette

Leo Basov

Ullrich Siems


Jan Bartsch

Sawssen Chibani



SPARC Industries sarl

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