The Re-invention of Plasma Engineering.

Beta Version Available!

Product release in mid 2022

The GUI in the background. 

Soon in the foreground.

Main Electric Propulsion technologies the software covers are the Dual Grid acceleration stage (shown right), and the Hall Effect Thruster. Allowing the user to the run parametric studies and optimize designs. Much faster than is common practice today. Get information that experiments cannot deliver. On a tool that is tested and with a standing development team behind.

Result visualization both with embedded Graphical User Interface and external tools (shown right: Ions accelerated in a dual grid acceleration stage, visualized with ParaView).

The whole range of testing is covered, from unit testing on smallest scales, up to validation testing on complete applications. The latter in collaboration with EP developers as it needs consistent data sets not available in literature.

Somewhere in-between are verification tests, integrating multiple software features and solvers. 

One example is the electron optic which tests the change of the electron beam shape due to surrounding electrostatic fields, see left video.

The software is built in a modular fashion. On feature level to enable turning off not required features comfortably (e.g., no electrostatics when simulating a neutral gas flow, see right video). On architecture level to enable model extensions to be done fast, bringing new functionalities to you when you need them.

If you want to know more, join our talk at the Space Propulsion Conference on March 17th, at 15:20 conference time.

Ever wondered what parameters to set to ensure that the simulation is numerically stable? This software does it for you. 
Ever wondered whether the simulation results are actually valid? This software checks and ensures that simulation validity is part of the result. For example, the correct spatial resolution at any moment in time is made possible by use of runtime adaptive octrees. No meshing around.

Try to guess what flow poblem is depicted here.

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