R&D Consultancy


Big profits mean rough competition. Markets are highly competitive. Young innovative companies are competing with the big ones in the industry.

Disruptions in any industry force change.

Research and development require high financial risks. Yet it is these innovations that make the difference.


Complexity - in its many forms - slows down innovation.




Research and development

Typical complexities include:

  • Too many R&D projects that are not fully aligned with corporate or product strategy.
  • Too many processes that may not be consistently followed or do not deliver what the market wants.
  • Too many decision-makers without a single area of responsibility and too many locations, skills and design methods without a clear understanding of what constitutes a competitive advantage.
  • We unravel their complexity and install a clear and precise R&D formula. In concrete terms, we enable them to innovate quickly and invest more sensibly.
  • We work in a dynamic R&D context with international researchers and teams.
  • We have strong relationships with universities and research institutions.
  • We develop innovative technological solutions and implement prototype systems.
  • We offer expertise in the following areas:




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